(extra) Slackintosh packages (for 12.1)

french version

Slackintosh (12.1) runs fine on my three macs-ppc (eMac_G4, macmini, and ibook_G4), better than MacOSX (faster, more stable) ; but it is difficult to find extra-packages. That is the reason why I decided to share the packages I needed to build, hoping it can help some other Slackintosh users ...
You can find them here (dependencies are specified in the right column).
I built them by three ways :
- on principle with the sources and Slackbuilds of slackbuilds.org, prefering those for Slackware_12.1
- when no slackbuild was available, with sources and "checkinstall"
- only "opera" was made with rpm2tgz, from a Yellowdog package.
Here is an image of a small vfat partition of only 238 mo, bootable by qemu (mandatory on Linux_powerpc !:-), where windows_95 runs a french dictionary and an english-french and french-english dictionary :
Slackintosh on Mac G5, as written in this report, is possible, but complicated ; at the end of the french version of this page (Google-translate the paragraph if you need), I describe the (easier) method I used.

Small repository of extra packages for Slackware

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